Have at your disposal all the tools you need to shine in the usual recipes or even try some new ones.

From everyday life to the most special occasions, Nadir brands are always fueling the passion for preparation and the delicious experiences shared at the table. Just choose the products that most resemble your home and count on us at all times


Nadir Figueiredo is established as a typewriter repair shop.


Our very known Copo Americano® start being manufactured.


Beginning of the production of the curd cheese glass.


Launching of the Sempre brand.


Acquisition of Santa Marina and the Marinex and Duralex brands.


Our opal glass line, Opaline, is released.


New brand for Copo Americano® is released.


Celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Copo Americano®


Marinex Opaline is released.


Acquisition of Cristar and lauching of the new Branding.



Cooking is an act of love, shared with everyone who sits at the table with you. We, here at Nadir, have always believed in this – and we are proud to be part of moments like this in homes and businesses all over Brazil.

Driven by the same passion that you put into your recipes, we create the products that you need in your kitchen and on your table – a huge variety to suit everybody’s tastes and every home style. This way, you can find us everywhere, supporting, and inspiring people in their daily lives and on the most special occasions. Because when you have the best tools for cooking and serving at hand, every meal is a chance to shine.

Like you, we also want to improve with every new recipe. And we understand that a team committed to quality is our most important ingredient. Behind the Nadir brand is the dedication and creativity of thousands of partners and collaborators: people who understand what you need and do everything to transform your moments into pleasurable experiences.

Because we want more flavor in your days and more smiles at your table.


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Glass Technology and benefits

Glass is our main raw material and is the only one that is 100% recyclable. Check out how Nadir Figueiredo unites creativity with technology to give prime quality to all its products.


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